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Eco Face Scrubbies

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Bamboo or hemp

Why not add a little eco goodness to your morning and evening?!

How much money do you spend on face wipes per year?
Do you want to contribute less to landfill?
​Is your skin worth having nasty chemicals wiped all over it?
​These reusable face wipes are popularly known as 'face scrubbies' & sport the following great features

✔️ Textured surface
✔️ No residue
✔️ Rejuvenating clean
✔️ Washable
✔️ Reusable
✔️ Cost effective
✔️ Australian made

Each material caters to different requirements and skin types.

Bamboo contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent known as 'bamboo-kun'. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin, removing eye makeup and using toner.

Hemp is mildew resistant, anti-bacterial, durable. It is wonderful for exfoliation.

​Wash by hand under warm water with soap & leave to dry flat on a natural surface.